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New Webinar: Achieve Compliance and Improve Your Security Posture with a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

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New Webinar: Achieve Compliance and Improve Your Security Posture with a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA)
Wednesday, January 27
11:00am MT / 1:00pm ET

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Performing an SRA is a requirement under the HIPAA Security rule as well as leading risk management frameworks such as HITRUST and NIST. It’s also the key requirement in OCR’s HIPAA Audit Protocol. An annual HIPAA Security Risk Assessment is your opportunity to pause and focus on enhancing the overall resilience and strength of your information security program – and a key component of a complete risk management program. Read More

Intraprise Health Acquires HIPAA One

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Creates Comprehensive Integrated Security Risk Management and Compliance Platform for Healthcare

YARDLEY, Pennsylvania, January 6, 2021–  Intraprise Health, a leading provider of cybersecurity services and solutions and the Protect™ risk management software platform, today announced that it has acquired HIPAA One, provider of industry leading HIPAA compliance automation software. The merger allows Intraprise Health to offer an integrated set of cybersecurity and compliance software solutions to the healthcare market. Read More

Security Risks of Personal Business in the Workplace

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The typical company culture of today is less of a strict clock-in/clock-out mentality than in years past. Company expectations on methods of work have morphed over the years, and employees checking personal email or performing some personal business on “company time is often ignored or overlooked as long as it doesn’t interfere with the employees’ job performance. Read More

Dealing with Ransomware Attacks in Healthcare: 5 CEOs Respond

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The FBI recently announced a potentially significant ransomware attack on the healthcare sector.

Ransomware groups are becoming more sophisticated and efficient in their ability to deploy ransomware attacks. The challenges presented by COVID-19 have only increased the target on health systems.

KLAS posed the following three questions to five CEOs at healthcare-focused cybersecurity firms:

1. What are your top three suggestions for health systems to implement immediately?

2. What are your top three suggestions for health systems to implement for the long term?

3. How should a provider organization consider reacting if they are hit by ransomware? Read More

CASE STUDY: Catapult Health leverages Intraprise Health to gain HITRUST Certification

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Catapult Health, a national preventive healthcare practice that provides virtual health checkups to patients, was confident they had a strong data security program in place.

Data security and safeguarding patient information has always been important to Catapult Health: they had a strong compliance and privacy office, provided regular security training to its workforce, performed systematic penetration tests and network vulnerability scans, and employed a host of other security measures. But, according to Joseph Bell, Catapult Health’s Vice President of Technology, “we wanted to take our data security to the next level – and HITRUST is the gold standard for security.”

The Rise of Privacy in the Information Age

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By Harrison Welsh, CompTIA Security+, Intraprise Health

For more than two decades, cybersecurity has been an increasing priority across industries such as finance, retail, social media, e-commerce and healthcare. This is due to a number of factors, including the escalation of threats to enterprise information security, increased connectivity with third parties, the growing number of network enabled IOT devices, increasing human error, instances of insider threat and the enhanced sophistication of security attacks (e.g., Ransomware and Spear Phishing Campaigns). While organizations have focused on strengthening their cybersecurity posture, the concern for individual privacy rights has become an increasing challenge. Read More

Focused Security Risk Assessments: Remote Work for Healthcare Organizations in the Age of COVID-19

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By Ian Terry, Information Security Consultant at Intraprise Health

As the reality of working from home sinks in, many remote workers and their employers are seeing the appeal fade quickly. We all know that remote work is not quite as simple as it sounds. Technical, operational, and communication challenges are quickly presenting themselves when workforce members overload remote access systems, can’t perform their duties, and don’t know the best channels for reporting their issues and incidents.

Are we prepared for the information security and cybersecurity challenges specific to this new paradigm: remote work in the age of COVID-19? Read More

Telehealth: A Revolutionary Technology for Health Care Providers and Patients

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By Ian Terry, Information Security Consultant at Intraprise Health

The Coronavirus pandemic has catalyzed a rapid increase of telehealth adoption. Leveraging telehealth platforms, patients are able to speak with doctors and nurses without having to risk exposure to themselves or others.

The increase has been so drastic, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and its Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and the FBI have released special guidance related to the use of telehealth systems, particularly how they have come under attack by malicious actors and advanced persistent threats (APT).

For privacy and security practitioners in healthcare, the increased use of telehealth and government attention signals the need to learn more about telehealth systems, the security risks associated with their use and strategies for mitigating those risks. Read More

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