Digital Front Door COVID App


The concept behind Intraprise Health’s Digital Front Door is simple. Health consumers expect healthcare services that can meet them where they are: in their homes or on the go.

Using a mix of native mobile apps and customized web app portals that integrate identity across your Patient Portal(s), the Intraprise Health Digital Front Door (DFD) supports healthcare systems in a convenient and timely manner – while reaching the largest number of patients. DFD’s provide hospitals with the ability to enhance their operational workflows by providing their health consumers with ease of access, transparency and improved insights that streamline administrative processes and create a more seamless experience.

Intraprise Health Digital Front Door COVID App

Intraprise Health’s DFD solution with embedded Covid-19 Assessment capability is a hospital branded mobile app and accompanying website chatbot serving as the consumer (patient/member) entry point into your Covid-19 support system.  Utilizing  our unique mobile application technology and proprietary engagement API with Microsoft’s bot framework  we  create a customized consumer experience tailored for your health system.

Client Branded App Mock-Up

This “Digital Front Door” is typically deployed as a native mobile application for Apple and Google devices and acts as a container for responsive web content from public websites (such as your Health System’s website, state Department of Public Health and/ or Centers for Disease Control), curated responsive web applications, as well as, future engagement web apps such as those recently announced for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

The customer-branded Digital Front Door includes the following components:

Native Mobile App for iOS and Android
The Digital Front Door gives organizations a mobile app store presence and extensible engagement solution leveraging Intraprise Health’s rich integration capabilities.

Covid-19 Health Assessment Bot
The Intraprise Health Covid-19 Assessment bot incorporates the current CDC Covid-19 Assessment Guidelines and customizes the health consumer/patient/member experience with your local testing, evaluation and referral workflows as well as providing access to your own localized information and content.  The Intraprise Health Covid-19 Assessment bot technology can be incorporated within both the Digital Front Door mobile application and your public web site.  Customers can also leverage the embedded Microsoft Teams chat and Bookings App technology for empowering your Call Center and Service lines to further enhance customer engagement experiences.

COVID Self Assessment Workflow

Engagement Content
The Digital Front Door allows organizations to deliver their existing engagement content via a branded mobile application that unifies the patient experience across the client’s existing responsive website content, patient/member portals and other mobile compatible solutions. Our Digital Front Door provides access to portal features and can include an array of experience-enhancing features such as booking appointments, contextualized menus of options based on geo-location, finding providers, signing up for classes and events, filling prescriptions at your pharmacies, remotely getting-in-line at Urgent Care centers, and much more.

Mobile App Usage Analytics
The Digital Front Door enables organizations to improve utility of their engagement data by unifying the consumer experience through our proprietary Engagement API to gain better insights of user’s activity across disparate channels, points of care, and engagement vendor solutions.  App usage statistics are available to designated customer representatives via the Apple and Google Play app store analytics modules as well as Microsoft App Insights.