Intraprise Health’s Mobile Wayfinding - Helps Patients Easily  Navigate  Through  Hospital  Campuses 

Navigating a medical center is often the first interaction visitors have with your health system. Our innovative photo-landmark- based mobile wayfinding solution gives visitors a WOW factor not found in competing offerings. By presenting directions in the most cognitively friendly manner, our app lowers patient anxiety and improves consumer experience, all while promoting your brand and decreasing no shows and last-minute cancellations.

Intraprise Health’s Wayfinding is a powerful mobile wayfinding app with a simple, easy to follow user interface that makes an outsized difference in improving the health consumer’s experience.

More Affordable

  • Because the photos in our app can be easily replaced or added if your facility changes, our solution is more affordable than traditional wayfinding solutions.
  • Our solution never requires any networking or hardware infrastructure upgrades – there are no electronic components to maintain and support.

Increase Patient Engagement

Intraprise Health contextualizes wayfinding within a patient’s journey by incorporating appointment reminders via text or app notification. Our Wayfinding is one of many tools to bring true personalized patient engagement as part of a comprehensive mobile digital health strategy.

We recognize the road to consumerization in healthcare is paved with overlapping features from vendors offering point solutions. Our team harnesses many hundreds of person-years of healthcare IT experience to offer strategic advisory services for curating and orchestrating your engagement ecosystems into a structured, cohesive “Digital Front Door” characterized by personalization.

Read more about the research behind the efficacy of photo landmark navigation.

Click on the image below to watch an Intraprise Health wayfinding demo.


  • More intuitive – photos with landmarks are simply easier to follow than blue dot solutions.
  • Rather than wrestle with maps and plans of complex facilities, users follow visual landmarks laid out in step-by-step photos – seeing is indeed believing.
  • Always available, even in poorly connected locations, our wayfinding app requires no network connection of any kind to operate (no Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or other).


  • Photo landmark navigation is faster to implement than other wayfinding solutions.
  • There are no beacons or other complicated hardware to install.
  • We implement your wayfinding solution with virtually no resource commitment from your team – our solution is completely turnkey.

Uniquely effective and based on scientific research, Intraprise Health’s Wayfinding

  • Offers visual landmarks for each pathway through “street-view” like photographic imagery – but indoors!
  • Combines photos with simple schematic direction and easy-to-follow text-based direction and arrows.
  • Allows users to navigate from photo to photo at their own pace – fast or slow.
  • Communicates to everyone who enters the hospital that your facility is organized, professional, and, innovative.
  • Puts your patients and guests at ease quickly.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Can be configured for kiosks, information desks, security teams, clinical staff and administration – users can scan QR codes to load wayfinding pathways or receive links to pathways in emails or texts.
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