New HITRUST Certification Essentials Webinar: Thursday, 1/23/20 at 1 pm

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Free Webinar: HITRUST Certification Essentials: Thursday, 1/23/20

Navigating the pathway to HITRUST certification is complex and can be daunting to even the most security savvy organizations.


Join our seasoned HITRUST Certified Practitioners as they share topics essential to understanding the pathway to HITRUST certification, including:

  • The Value of HITRUST
  • Background on the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF)
  • Our Methodology for Preparing Clients
  • Evaluation Criteria and Scoring

Additionally, we will walk through the four phases to achieving HITRUST certification that we use as a certified HITRUST advisor and assessor with clients as we help them identify areas in their program that need improvement, work with them on how to achieve resolution, and guide them towards achieving scores that merit certification.

Learn more about the importance of HITRUST. Read Gaining Organizational Support for HITRUST.