Free Introduction to Wayfinding Webinar: Tuesday, April 23

More than a mobile app, Wayfinding is often the first interaction patients and visitors have with your health system and can serve to improve patient experience while promoting brand value.  Intraprise Health Wayfinding is a powerful mobile wayfinding system with a simple, intuitive user interface that makes an outsized difference in improving the health consumer’s experience. Register to join our free webinar to learn about Intraprise Wayfinding: a uniquely effective wayfinding option that requires no capital infrastructure investment.


This webinar topics will include:

  • An introduction to Photo-landmark Wayfinding and its use in hospitals
  • A demonstration of how our Wayfinding solution improves patient experience
  • An overview of our implementation approach – which requires no capital investment in infrastructure
  • Opportunities throughout to ask questions or raise concerns to our subject matter experts


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