Questions about HITRUST Certification? Get Answers from an Experienced HITRUST Assessor

By April 15, 2021 Webinars/Events

Interested in HITRUST but not sure how to get started? Wondering what the time commitment is and how much effort it takes?

Join us on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 1 PM ET, as our experts answer questions on these topics, and other topics from the audience including:

  • Scoping and assessments
  • Identifying Risks/Gaps
  • Risk Remediation and
  • Testing/Validation
  • Understand Inheritance vs. Reliance
  • The difference between HITRUST and NIST

Learn from our HITRUST experts as they answer your questions on how to attain HITRUST certification.

  1. The Value of HITRUST
  2. Introduction to the HITRUST CSF
  3. Assessment Phases
  4. Evaluation Criteria and Scoring
  5. Questions to ask when looking for an Assessor
  6. How to get the most out of your HITRUST engagement

At the end of the webinar, participants will understand the phases of certification and how to work with a HITRUST Advisor to identify areas in your program that need improvement, remediate risk within your organization, and be well-prepared to submit an application for HITRUST certification.

Bring your questions – we’ve got answers!