Penetration Testing

It is no surprise that with attacks on healthcare organizations on the rise, healthcare security teams are racing against the clock to protect their organizations from cybersecurity attacks.

Intraprise Health’s Penetration Testing experts examine an organization’s existing vulnerabilities to uncover security blind spots to determine to what extent they can be exploited. Our penetration testing expert (“ethical hacker”) simulates the actions of an external cyber attacker to expose critical systems and strives to gain access to sensitive data. Utilizing Open Source Intelligence Techniques, and discovery scanning, our experts scrutinize any vulnerabilities that are identified and attempt to exploit those vulnerabilities.

Using a mix of proven penetration frameworks and tools containing databases of known exploits as well as proprietary tools that are deployed against a set of discoverable entry points and the services that run on them, Intraprise Health identifies vulnerabilities, and recommends remediation. These recommendations are included in a Report of Findings that scores the risks based on severity, and also provides associated remediation recommendations.