Intraprise Health’s Wayfinding application, powered by Eyedog, helps patients more easily navigate through hospital campuses and other large indoor spaces.

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Wayfinding – Contact Us

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More than just a mobile app, Wayfinding is often the first interaction patients and visitors have with your health system and can serve to improve patient experience while promoting brand value.

Our indoor photo navigation system combines photos and step-by-step directions to ensure users arrive to appointments and events on time and with minimal anxiety.  With photo-navigation, users do not have to read digital maps or learn a foreign interface but can rather follow a path to their destination simply by following clear landmarks,

Indoor hospital navigation presents a variety of challenges, both to patients and wayfinding developers. Medical centers are often large, complex, and easy to get lost in. More importantly, during a hospital visit, people tend to be overwhelmed with other thoughts and stressors, which can make losing your way all the more frustrating.

Intraprise Health Wayfinding is a powerful mobile wayfinding system with a simple, intuitive user interface that makes an outsized difference in improving the health consumer’s experience.

Our Wayfinding experience is unique and supported by empirical data. The system was designed by wayfinding experts with user experience in mind and is supported by advanced indoor navigation and machine learning technology.

  • It reduces feelings of perceived helplessness, raised blood pressures, headaches, fatigue, and the frustration of not being able to quickly find your way
  • People often try to generate mental maps when receiving verbal directions. They start out and then after one or two “landmarks” such as “turn right after the elevator” they become confused as to what is next. Our Wayfinding app provides visual “landmarks” every step of the way – through our Hospital Indoor Photo Landmark Navigation technology
  • A good navigation system communicates to everyone who enters the hospital that the facility is organized, professional, and, innovative. It shows you truly care about putting your patients and guests at ease quickly.
  • It allows users to navigate from photo to photo, at their own pace – fast or slow.
  • ‘Street-view’ like photographic imagery is used but indoors!
  • The pictures represent physical characteristics objects and/or artificial landmarks inside your facility
  • We have combined what you see in the environment with simple schematic direction and easy-to-follow text-based direction and ARROWS
  • Bilingual – English and Spanish
  • Easy to use
  • Avoid stairs functionality is built in

Wayfinding in Action

Intraprise Health uses wayfinding as one tool in our integrated approach to curating patient-centered engagement ecosystems. We work closely with hospitals and health systems to improve patient and visitor experience and communications, while strictly adhering to rigorous healthcare standards of security and privacy.

Working with one of our health system clients, Inspira Health, to develop a multi-platform consumer engagement strategy, it became apparent that wayfinding would be a strong addition to their hospital app One of Southern New Jersey’s leading healthcare providers, with over 1100 physicians and more than 125 community access points, Inspira Health has patients and families from all over and providing them clear directions to their appointments was imperative.

The addition of Intraprise Health’s Wayfinding app has allowed Inspira Health to make a complex set of directions simple. Directions can be accessed or shared quickly with patients, visitors, physicians, employees, etc.

  • Self-service through Inspira Health’s branded My Inspira app
  • Self-service through Inspira Health’s branded website
  • Self-service through kiosks strategically placed in the hospital
  • Staffed kiosks to quickly deliver a pathway to a smartphone using a QR Code or Email address
  • All employees can share pathways from any web browser such as Call Center Agents, Volunteers, Administrators, Schedulers, Event and Class Coordinators and more!

Read more about the research behind the efficacy of photo landmark navigation.

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