Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Intraprise Health’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) program provides healthcare organizations with a trusted senior information security leader who can guide the development and maturity of your organization’s security, compliance and privacy programs. Providing tactical and strategic security leadership, a vCISO will support your team and harden your security posture. Your vCISO can assess your threats and risks, and help you make smart decisions about your security to align with your business objectives. Intraprise Health’s vCISOs provide advisory and consulting services, such as:

  • Design and implementation of the information security governance model
  • Development of a multi-year roadmap with resource and budget analysis
  • Development of a service delivery model for the information and cybersecurity program
  • Advise on selection of a cybersecurity framework (such as NIST or HITRUST)
  • Analyze areas of deficiencies within the program to identify technology/solutions and resources required to address priority needs
  • Monitoring compliance with state and federal regulatory mandates for security and privacy
  • Coordinating with IT, Legal, Privacy, Compliance, Risk Management and other stakeholder teams to build stronger incident management and breach response capabilities
  • Overseeing the execution of tabletop exercises to strengthen the organization’s security posture
  • Designing information security education, training and communication programs to increase overall organizational awareness and compliance.
  • Presenting at executive and management level briefings