Virtual Coffee with Vikas, an Intraprise Health educational video podcast focused on emerging trends and innovations at the cross-section of cybersecurity and healthcare technology.

Intraprise Health’s Chief Digital Health Security Officer, Vikas Khosla, chats with thought leaders from across the healthcare industry about emerging trends and innovations in cybersecurity, risk and threat management, compliance, privacy, governance and leadership. Through this educational video podcast, Vikas seeks to illuminate new concepts as well as provide actionable guidance to fellow cybersecurity and healthcare technology professionals trying to create resilient organizations by solving some of the industry’s BIG problems.

vCoffee Chat | Michaela Iorga – Ep 3: Part 1 – What is NIST OSCAL?

In this coffee chat, Michaela Iorga PhD, Senior Technical Lead at NIST and OSCAL Strategic Director, provides an overview of NIST’s Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL). OSCAL is a true innovation which has the promise of transforming the risk assessment process. Michaela discusses why NIST launched the project, provides…

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vCoffee Chat | Serge Loncar – Ep 2: Part 2 – Tech Innovations in Home Health and Elderly Care

In part two of this discussion, serial entrepreneur and innovator Serge Loncar shares the latest trends and uses of tech in the home health setting with a specific focus on elderly care. Learn about the use of sensors that enable “smart” fabrics, mirrors and door knobs. Serge describes how these…

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vCoffee Chat | Serge Loncar – Ep 2: Part 1 – Navigating Security, Privacy & Compliance to Innovate

Healthcare, specifically the health system, health plan and life sciences sectors are market segments that pose significant regulatory and risk management challenges for companies trying to innovate in this space. In this discussion, serial entrepreneur Serge Loncar shares real-world insights about tough lessons learned about investing early on in security,…

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vCoffee Chat | Hector Rodriguez – Ep 1: Part 3 – Ransomware Prevention Strategies

With the industry suffering from severe and constant ransomware attacks, Hector and Vikas talk about strategies that security leaders can take from holistic and complete approaches, real-time threat alerting, new emerging, highly-scalable cloud-based security training solutions to the need for a Chief Ransomware Strategist/Officer. Disclaimer: The content in this chat…

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vCoffee Chat | Hector Rodriguez – Ep 1: Part 2 – Blockchain and Crypto Use Cases in Healthcare

In this episode, Vikas and Hector explore emerging uses of blockchain and crypto in healthcare. Several use cases are explored from global COVID vaccine distribution, medication management and adherence, medical device IoT implants to democratizing data for healthcare consumers and providers. Learn about Merkel trees and other aspects of the…

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vCoffee Chat | Hector Rodriguez – Ep 1: Part 1 – Introduction & Scalable Threat Management

Vikas welcomes Hector and learns about his spirit animal before discussing the latest threat management trends focusing on SIEM, SOAR and XDR. What’s the difference between these acronyms? How should these solutions be implemented? What does the future of automated threat intelligence look like? They also discuss how leading threat…

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