Our Beliefs

Healthcare’s culture is shifting from one of treatment to one of prevention, placing consumers at the center of the healthcare universe.

Exponential growth in health data fueled by connected wearables, remote monitoring, and healthcare consumerism is generating greater and more diverse demand for access to and control over that data.

The app economy is colliding with healthcare consumerism. Consumers expect real-time, anytime, anywhere, frictionless (one-click) access to data, information, and commerce.

Digital Health initiatives designed to support healthcare consumerism are shining a bright light on limitations of data silos, poor integration, and a rapidly growing set of regulatory compliance challenges.

Care remains a community-based endeavor, and data-driven engagement has never been more critical and more relevant than it is now.

Our History


Intraprise Founded

Intraprise, the predecessor to Intraprise Health, created industry’s first web-inabled EMR.


Medical Record Release of Information

Releases country’s largest health data release of information system.


CodeRunner – First Cloud-basedMedical Coding Application

Enables remote medical record coding services, transforms medical record industry.

2005 to 2011

MobileMD – First Cloud-based Health Information Exchange

Enhances care coordination, addresses healthcare data interoperability challenges.


Hospital Comparitive Analytics

Builds first compative analytics solution to assess providers’ performance.


Next-Generation Behavioral Analytics

Enables personalized consumer engagement strategies with analytics and behavioral sciences.


Center for Digital Health Excellence

Established CDHE to rapidly develop and deliver new solutions.


Health Consumer Engagement

Launches Health Consumer Passport and App Ecosystem to enhance consumer experience and improve outcomes.


Intraprise Health Launched