Healthcare’s culture is shifting from one of treatment to one of prevention, placing consumers at the center of the healthcare universe.

Exponential growth in health data fueled by connected wearables, remote monitoring, and healthcare consumerism is generating greater and more diverse demand for access to and control over that data.

Creating a world where healthcare stakeholders can engage securely freely and meaningfully with the whole electronic care ecosystem without fear of data breach is one of healthcare’s toughest modern-day challenges.

Solving it could deliver one of the greatest breakthroughs in improving patient care this century. This is why we are here.

It is what led us to become one of the first HITRUST CSF assessors. It is what led us to develop one of the first health consumer ecosystem platform first cloud-based healthcare CRM solutions. And, it is what continues to drive us.

Since setting these bars, we haven’t stopped redefining what is possible.

Every day, we build smarter approaches and deliver next-generation solutions that continue to make measurable improvements in secure healthcare interoperability.