Third-Party Risk Management: What Every CISO Needs to Know

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Drawing upon our extensive experience creating strong cybersecurity programs for healthcare organizations, Intraprise Health has put together a guide to best practices CISOs should follow. Highlights include:

  • Gaining internal support for TPRM
    • What are the risk factors your organization faces?
  • The 5 key components of a comprehensive TPRM program:
    • Program Governance
    • Tiering and Prioritization
    • Vendor Security Assessment
    • Vendor Collaboration
    • Informed Decision-Making
  • An overview of various platforms that include TPRM
  • A checklist of elements essential to a TPRM program

This whitepaper offers practical, actionable guidance on what to consider as you build your TPRM program as well as the different types of programs and solutions that are available as you scale your program.

Provide your contact information to request immediate access to this to informative white paper : Building a Third-Party Risk Management Program from the Ground Up: What Every CISO Needs to Know.

TPRM Paper COver
White Paper : Building a Third Party Risk Management Program
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