Case Studies


CASE STUDY: Flex Benefits HITRUST Case Study

Flexible Benefit Service LLC, or Flex, is a wholesale insurance distributor and third-party benefits administrator. Flex contracts with independent insurance brokers and/ or brokerages and with employers to provide employee benefit solutions. A large insurer needed assurances that Flex keeps their data safe before doing business with them, so they…

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CASE STUDY: Catapult Health leverages Intraprise Health to gain HITRUST Certification

Catapult Health, a national preventive healthcare practice that provides virtual health checkups to patients, was confident they had a strong data security program in place. Data security and safeguarding patient information has always been important to Catapult Health: they had a strong compliance and privacy office, provided regular security training…

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CASE STUDY: Inspira Health Network

“Wow the patient.” With those three words from Inspira Health Network CEO, John DiAngelo, Intraprise Health set off on a path to provide Inspira with a revolutionary new way to interact with their health consumers, increasing brand awareness and improving patient outcomes. Inspira Health Network is one of Southern New…

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