HIPAA Compliance Software for Hospitals and Health Systems

Solutions designed to meet the needs of large healthcare organizations


Automate Security and Privacy Risk Management for Healthcare

Are you looking for a better, more efficient way to improve your HIPAA compliance while also identifying gaps and risks across the enterprise? Intraprise Health’s HIPAA One® solution is a simple but powerful software solution that automates your compliance and risk analysis program. HIPAA One enables you to accurately address all HIPAA standards and implementation specifications, in one single pane of glass view.

Addressing one of the most concerning areas of hidden risk, Intraprise Health uses “Dynamic Templates” to leverage your corporate-level HIPAA program assessment to perform practice and site-level assessments at scale and cost-effectively, providing hospitals with a more accurate view of enterprise risk, along with more complete compliance with HIPAA.

Our purpose-built software allows large healthcare organizations to reduce the time and effort of performing risk assessments and focus more efforts on risk management and gap remediation resulting in an improved cybersecurity posture. Removing the administrative burden of compliance, our HIPAA One solution allows you to easily manage, monitor, report, and track your assessments and remediation activities from one central location.

Our unique software includes the following features:

  • Customized reporting, allowing organizations to audit once and report many times
  • Automated remediation planning and tracking
  • Year-over-year import of prior assessments



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SRA Challenges and Features

HIPAA Compliance Challenges:

  • Juggling spreadsheets and emails to manage risk analysis and security assessments
  • Time consuming – lacking automation
  • Manual process often managed via spreadsheets and various documents
  • Lack of resources and staff
  • Lack of time for remediation – majority of time spent on assessing
  • Lack of visibility into practice-level compliance

HIPAA One® Features:

  • End-to-end HIPAA Security and Privacy Risk Analysis Automation
  • Manage all assessments in one place – assess once, report many. No more juggling spreadsheets!
  • Assessment auto-populate feature – year-over-year continuity of responses and supporting documentation
  • Leverage your corporate assessment to increase coverage of provider practice and remote site assessments with the “Dynamic Templates” feature
  • Remediation Management – remediation simplified, prioritize and track risk levels
  • OCR-Readiness and MU Compliance with Action History feature
  • Achieve compliance with CMS Meaningful Use requirements
  • Standards and requirements mapped to NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Create custom reports for technical teams as well as executive/Board-level summaries

HIPAA One® Software Suite

Take the confusion out of compliance with our step-by-step approach to risk analysis, remediation and documentation. HIPAA One®, Intraprise Health’s cloud-based software suite provides businesses with the tools to maintain compliance across operational processes.


Performing a Security Risk Analysis is a critical step in ensuring that your company is HIPAA compliant. Our Security Risk Assessment (SRA) software automates the labor-intensive, error-prone activities of your annual HIPAA security risk assessment with step-by-step guidance throughout the whole process.


Simplify and automate your HIPAA privacy and breach risk analysis (PBRA). The Health and Human Services Office enforces compliance according to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, and we make it easy for you. With our PBRA software, you can easily assess vulnerabilities of privacy practices and data on all devices, applications, and networks across your organization.


Organizations are required to provide workforce training to their employees on an annual basis. Our concise online courses make mandatory HIPAA workforce training affordable for small practices and large organizations alike.

What steps does your organization need to take?

It’s our goal to make HIPAA compliance solutions easily accessible and affordable, especially for hospitals and health systems. Intraprise Health offers a variety of cybersecurity services, including Security, Privacy and Breach Risk Assessments, LADMF accreditation, and NIST framework adoption.