Healthcare Cybersecurity Checklist

A complete guide to increase resilience, improve your security posture and keep patient data safe.


Healthcare Cybersecurity is More Complex Than Ever 

With the growing volume of risk assessments, complex industry regulations and new HHS cybersecurity performance goals (CPGs), it’s getting difficult to keep track of your cybersecurity efforts. 

That’s why we created an exclusive ongoing cybersecurity checklist. It is based on NIST and HIPAA standards, as well our team’s 100+ years’ combined experience supporting countless healthcare providers. With assessments stored in spreadsheets and IT security increasingly affecting all departments, this checklist helps you simplify cybersecurity and gain a clear overview of your risks and tasks to remediate vulnerabilities. 



Regular Risk Assessments Are Crucial to Prevent a Breach 

Healthcare is the most targeted industry by cyber attackers. Patient data is heavily sought after on black markets, and that puts pressure on every organization that houses healthcare information to maintain best-in-class protections.  

However, cyber threats are constantly evolving – which means you cannot rely on annual reviews or a single cybersecurity audit to keep your data safe. Instead, healthcare organizations need regular assessments to identify new vulnerabilities and updated approaches. 


How Often Should You Assess Your Cybersecurity Posture? 

Cybersecurity should be an “always-on” function in healthcare entities – that is the only way to confidently prevent attacks. However, this should be broken down into regular cadences to make risk assessments and remediation more manageable. 

We recommend setting up annual, quarterly and monthly assessments. This will ensure your systems are safe without demanding an unreasonable lift from any individual team member – or stretching your budget too far. 

What Are the Benefits of Regular Cybersecurity Checks?

Reduce Risk

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they lead to an expensive and potential life-threatening breach. 

Accelerate Regulatory Reports

Properly documented assessments and remediation efforts make it easier to prove compliance. 

Earn Patient Trust

Reassure patients their sensitive personal and financial data is safe within your system.  

Download Our Healthcare Cybersecurity Checklist 

This checklist reveals exactly how to prevent cybersecurity attacks in healthcare and undertake a comprehensive cybersecurity audit. It includes annual, quarterly, and monthly tasks that are considered best practices when it comes to adequate cybersecurity.   

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