HITRUST Optimization Program


HITRUST Optimization Program

Intraprise Health’s HITRUST Optimization Program complements our HITRUST Assessor Certification Services by providing a set of services purposely designed to fulfill your organization’s responsibilities when working with a HITRUST Assessor firm, whether you are using Intraprise Health or another firm as your Assessor.


Your Role in HITRUST Optimization

The client plays a key role throughout the HITRUST journey; providing key pieces of information to the HITRUST Assessor, updating policies and processes, interacting with the MYCsF portal, etc. Working with an Assessor who performs your certification audit/assessment for submission to HITRUST, you will be required to perform these tasks and activities according to standards and guidelines defined by HITRUST, in addition to effectively managing this significant undertaking and accurately maintaining your instance of the HITRUST MyCSF portal.

These responsibilities can be an extremely heavy lift for customers who are often strapped for resources and not familiar with the HITRUST process and “language”. For clients enrolled in our HITRUST Optimization Program, our Optimization Program consultants work as an extension of your team during the entire HITRUST process. We understand what is required by HITRUST and will work with your selected Assessor on your behalf – alleviating a significant burden for you and your team.

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Keeping Up with HITRUST Optimization

After achieving certification, your security program must be kept current with evolving HITRUST standards. Intraprise Health also provides post-certification security and program management services to ensure you maintain your certification status.



Benefits of Intraprise Health’s HITRUST Optimization Program

  • We know the “language” of HITRUST and understand its complexities and nuances. We translate specific requirements and controls into more readily actionable terms, concepts and tasks for your team.
  • We act as your organization’s advocate, interfacing directly with your HITRUST Assessor on program reviews, framework requirements and responses.
  • We provide a team of information and cyber security experts.
  • We tailor your security program documentation for effective governance that also meets the HITRUST standard.
  • We work directly with all business units involved in a HITRUST Certification initiative such as IT, engineering, compliance, HR and legal.


HITRUST Optimization Program provides the following services:

  • Program Management
  • MyCSF Portal Management
  • Policy & Process Review and Remediation
  • Portal Response Documentation for HITRUST Controls
  • Customer Assistance Throughout Adoption Review and Validation
  • Post-Certification Services