BluePrint Protect™ Security Risk Management Platform

BluePrint Protect™ security risk management platform allows customers to fully manage and automate their organization’s cybersecurity security program starting with one of the most pressing needs for any organization, Third-Party (Security) Risk Management or TPRM. Utilizing our intuitive, modern interface, customers gain a comprehensive, ongoing and dynamic view of their enterprise-wide third-party risks by automating TPRM processes and leveraging Intraprise Health’s (IH) third-party/vendor knowledgebase (“Third-Party Assessment Cloud”).

Security Team members, users from across the supply chain and Third-Parties can access or be connected to the Protect™ platform to collaborate and communicate in real-time. BluePrint Protect™ drives task management and reporting to accelerate milestone completion thereby reducing the resource burden and time commitment for all involved — especially your security team.

BluePrint Protect™ :

  • Coalesces security program data from disparate sources into a central “source of truth” founded on our proprietary workflow automation and rules engine.
  • Eliminates the need for security team members to enter or upload data into GRC and Ticketing systems through file-based data transfers or via a connection with our Protect™ API.
  • Increases efficiency by replacing manual processes, spreadsheets, siloed risk tracking and project management tools.

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Delivering industry leading Third Party Risk Management Services

Customers, regardless of security program maturity or framework adoption, can leverage BluePrint Protect™ as a central platform to address security risks through powerful visualization tools and dashboards that sit “on top” of our workflow automation and rules engine.

The Protect™ platform and Intraprise Health’s security services combine to provide a unique, industry-first offering that provides customers with the software, resources and expertise needed to tackle the growing and ever-present threats to the healthcare industry.

  • Platform for delivering our industry leading Third Party Risk Management Services
  • Features the Protect™ Third-Party Assessment Cloud
  • Cyber Risk Rating and Enterprise Risk Register
  • Healthcare-specific software to automate workflows, enable collaboration, drives efficiencies and scale
  • Visualization Tools and Dashboard for a “single-pane of glass” view of enterprise-wide security risks
  • Automates and accelerates key Information Security Office functions

Security Challenges

Third Party/Vendor Risk

The greatest risk to healthcare providers and payers comes from Third Party/ vendor risks

Prevalence of Data

Explosion of the health tech sector has launched hundreds of new companies that access, store, manage and process heath data

Increase in Data Breaches

The number of reported healthcare data breaches has increased significantly from 2009–2018

Diffusion of Responsibility

Responsibility for Third-Party Risk
Management has no clear owner and a variety of different tools and manual processes in use

Lack of Expertise / Resources

Lack of resources and expertise combined
with an inability to retain talent are exacerbating the problem


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BluePrint Protect™ is a unique software and service-delivery platform designed to solve some of the biggest cybersecurity challenges that Hospitals, Health Systems, Payers and their Third-Party Vendors must deal with today and into the future. It’s the first-ever healthcare-focused workflow automation and visualization platform designed by certified healthcare cybersecurity professionals for CISOs and their security teams. 

–Sean Friel, CEO, Intraprise Health