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Simple, Affordable, Automated Solutions to Complete Your HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Take the confusion out of HIPAA compliance with our step-by-step approach to risk analysis, remediation and documentation. HIPAA One, Intraprise Health’s cloud-based software suite provides businesses with the tools to maintain compliance across operational processes. Our HIPAA One software allows you to effectively complete your HIPAA Security Risk Assessments in a timely and painless manner.

Designed from the ground up for health care, our HIPAA compliance software follows NIST methodologies to ensure clients meet mandated HIPAA security, privacy, and breach requirements. The software guides organizations through each step of the compliance process, from assessment and development of a remediation plan to tracking the progress of implementation. 

HIPAA Compliance Software

Intraprise Health’s HIPAA One compliance software has helped more than 64,000 providers across 7,000 locations proactively prepare for OCR investigation while ensuring risks are identified and reasonably addressed. With a 100% audit pass rate, maintain HIPAA compliance with the Security Rule when using HIPAA One as part of an actively managed HIPAA security program.

HIPAA Compliance Software Key Features

  • Calculated risk assignment and prioritization
  • Remediation tracking and action history
  • Automated task reminders
  • Real-time reporting and final reporting
  • Year over year import of prior assessments 


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HIPAA One® Software Suite


Automates the labor-intensive, error-prone activities of your annual HIPAA security risk assessment with step-by-step guidance though the assessment process. 



Easily assess vulnerabilities of privacy practices and data on all devices, applications, and networks across your organization. 



Online courses make effective HIPAA workforce training affordable for small practices and large organizations.


Compliance Software Business Associate Management

Whether your business is large or just starting, take the worry off of the details. Our business associate management solution (BAM) is designed to provide a single location for you to create, manage, and store your vendor contracts, business associate information, and business associate agreements.

Our cloud-based tool is designed to organize contracts and reduce costs. By meeting HIPAA & HITECH document requirements, providers can upload documents for:

  • Covered entities
  • Business associates
  • Sub-contractors of business associates
  • Data use agreements
  • Limited data sets
  • and more

The Simplest Way to Manage Your Contracts

  • Automated task reminders, tracking and updates
  • Bulk upload of vendor information
  • Clean, functional HIPAA One interface
  • Require Vendor Proof of Compliance
  • Built-in electronic signature files
  • Flexible, customizable templates

The BAM software helps organizations request proof of compliance, create contracts, and track the status of all outstanding agreements.

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