BluePrint Security Services was rated 97.2* in KLAS Cybersecurity Services 2018 report

By May 8, 2019 May 13th, 2019 Articles

BluePrint Security Services was rated in the advisory focused firm category, scoring 97.2* out of a possible 100 points. The Intraprise Health business was praised by hospital and health system clients for five key areas – mitigating security risks, healthcare knowledge, a unique audit methodology, strategic expertise, and tailoring services to client need (Customer Interview Details, Page 69 – Cybersecurity Services 2018.).

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What you will find in the report:

The KLAS Cybersecurity Services 2018 report is a new report for KLAS, focused on cybersecurity advisory and managed services. It is a follow up to their February 2017 report on cybersecurity within healthcare organizations.

“To highlight which firms can best help their clients be successful, KLAS interviewed 129 healthcare organizations about their engagements with cybersecurity firms to find out which services these firms offer and the types of outcomes they were able to achieve. Additionally, respondents were asked about their firm’s healthcare knowledge, ability to cater to customer needs, and strategic expertise.” (Executive Insights, Cybersecurity Services 2018)

Charts and graphs highlight overall ratings for all categories and firms, including: