Digital Health Solutions

Our Digital Health team helps you forge stronger relationships with patients, enhance the care experience and strengthen your brand, whether your goal is to drive service line revenue, enhance outcomes, or adapt to shifting reimbursement models.


Our Beliefs

  • Healthcare’s culture is shifting from one of treatment to one of prevention- placing consumers at the center of the healthcare universe.
  • Unlike other consumerized industries, Healthcare is delivered within the context of a community and along points in consumers’ lives. A successful healthcare brand must therefore be built upon empathy.
  • Data-driven, personalized engagement is the means by which providers will establish competitive advantage.
Digital Front Door
Care Coordination

Digital Front Door

Intraprise Health creates a branded, consumer facing “Digital Front Door,” which acts as the consumer entry point into a health system. Built upon an H-CRM infrastructure, these front doors can be available through a native mobile application or an omni-channel integration, which ensures any consumer can access the same entry point from any digital platform.

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Care Coordination

Intraprise Health offers a solution called Care Navigator that automates and scales care coordination with the staff-patient relationship as its central focus. The platform enables robust “edge” interactions between care team members and forges a bond of shared accountability to improve outcomes while managing the costs of care. Our Care Navigator solutions leverage customer relationship management technology to record patient encounters, both for clearer reimbursement as well as improved communication within the health system.

Care Navigator™ is a cloud-based platform that places the care coordinator and patient/client relationship as its central focus, enabling robust “edge” interactions between clinical and non-clinical care team members.

The platform helps automate and scale care coordination, clinical care management, patient engagement and community-based services across the entire network of services.


Your Digital Front Door can support both anonymous and authenticated users, in order to drive easy adoption, while driving best practices for identity management so authenticated users can access their patient portal and application features with a single log-on.

A front door provides access to portal features and can include an array of experience enhancing features such as booking appointments, contextualized menus of options based on geolocation, get-in-line at Urgent Care, and many more.

Intraprise Health also provides Adoption, Curation, Orchestration, and Execution services for all our solutions and is committed to developing and evolving a unique consumerization strategy based on the analytics of the data generated from our technologies. We can provide ongoing support, including KPI reporting, driving adoption of our solutions, and developing an ongoing strategy to continue to define future initiatives to improve your organization’s digital patient engagement strategies.

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Over Twenty Six Thousand
Consumer Engagement App Installs
Zero Percent
30-day readmission for patients using our platform
One Hundred Fifty Two Percent
Urgent Care Patient Volume Increase