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i1 vs r2 – How the New HITRUST Offerings Can Benefit You

In late 2021, HITRUST announced changes to their assessment portfolio, providing additional options for HITRUST certification to organizations of all types, sizes and maturity. Are you wondering what these changes mean? Wondering which level of certification is right for you? Have questions about HITRUST in general? Watch the recording of our recent webinar, where we discussed the following questions and more:

  • Who should consider i1 vs an r2 certification?
  • What are the differences between an i1 and r2 certification?
  • What level of effort will my team need to exert to get HITRUST certified?
  • Is Inheritance right for me?
  • How should I prepare for Scoping?
  • What is the value of an IH Engagement letter?
  • What are the “unmovable” factors that affect my submission timeline?
  • Things to consider when evaluating HITRUST Assessors

Presented by Intraprise Health HITRUST security experts.

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