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Intraprise Health Releases HIPAAOne™ Enterprise Security Risk Assessment Platform Tuned for Large Health Organizations

Market-leading SaaS system expanded to help healthcare companies automate manual effort stemming from large parent/child entity structures.

RESTON, VA, March 27, 2023 – Intraprise Health, a leading healthcare cybersecurity company, released an enterprise-ready version of HIPAAOne™, the most widely-used Security Risk Assessment (SRA) platform in the industry. The new release available March 31st, offers advances in large organization Security Risk Assessment (SRA) project automation and dynamic synchronization of compliance and security information across parent/child relationships prominent in large healthcare organizations. This release marks Intraprise Health’s latest investment the HIPAAOne solution that has served over 7,000 healthcare organizations in the United States.

HIPAAOne’s widespread adoption is directly attributable to its automation of the mandatory annual SRA process for healthcare organizations of all sizes. IDN clients with multiple hospitals and over fifty medical practices report saving over 80 percent of manual effort using HIPAAOne and collapsing the time needed to complete an organization-wide SRA from months to weeks.

The execution of an SRA is group effort in which an entire organization must play a part. “Clients tell us their most pressing burden is coordinating and managing the multiple inputs from colleagues for completion of the SRA” stated Tim Denis, Chief Product Officer. “HIPAAOne can structure and automatically delegate the information gathering requirements to our clients’ team members – a differentiating and headache-saving capability.”

HIPAAOne Enterprise adds a new capability to its predicate software solution – Active Templates. These templates provide automatic synchronization of global and local security risks, policies, and remediation progress across complex parent/child entities. Without this innovation, SRA teams must manually maintain risks and remediation progress updates from the top-level of the organization structure to a local, child entity. Early results demonstrate a 98 percent reduction in the number of risks that need to be manually synchronized along with driving increases in efficiency and accuracy.

“HIPAAOne is such a popular product from the smallest medical practice to some of the largest health insurance companies in the United States due to its ease of use and intelligent automation,” said George Pappas, Chief Executive Officer at Intraprise Health. “Our latest investment in HIPAAOne’s enterprise features will dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of large organization SRA projects and results. We appreciate our clients’ continued enthusiasm for the HIPAAOne platform and look forward to providing access to this evolved product for the larger organizations in the market.”

As a leading product and cybersecurity consulting company, Intraprise Health can also provide its security staff to perform SRAs alongside its clients. The combination of managed-service and self-service helps organizations balance needed workloads with cybersecurity staffing availability and resource constraints.

Other HIPAAOne highlights include:

  • Reflexive Question Engine for automated information gathering
  • Assessment, Planning & Remediation tracking, such as:
    • NIST 800-Series
    • HIPAA Security Rule and Privacy Rule
    • Security Best Practices
    • Vulnerabilities, threats, and risk calculations
  • Finalized Report & Action Plan with Remediation
    • Risk Management
    • Prioritization
    • Controls
    • Target Date
    • Assignee
    • Deviation and Exception handling
    • Benchmarking

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