Recorded Webinars


Performing an Annual Security Risk Assessment

What You Need to Know About Your HIPAA SRA


Listen as our security experts discuss:

The requirements for performing a HIPAA SRA under Federal and State law

  1. Regulations and guidance from HHS, OCR and other agencies?
  2. How often do you have to perform an SRA?
  3. What if you are HITRUST certified?
  4. How to review policy and process documentation
  5. How to assess your technical environment

Gain a better understanding of industry best practices, as well as:

  1. How to use frameworks to support your SRA
  2. What your resultant data should look like
  3. What are some of the most common mistakes organizations make when undertaking an SRA

Learn how to get the most out of your SRA and improve your security program

Listen to our webinar and gain a deeper understanding of the components of an SRA, as well as the deliverables you should have after the completion of an SRA.