HIPAA Compliance Training

Preparing your workforce


Concise, Interactive HIPAA Training and Certification

Training is an important element of any HIPAA compliance program. Government regulations and organizational policies change often. It is the responsibility of healthcare organizations to train and update their workforce accordingly. Online training is one of the most effective ways to provide comprehensive training to help your workforce gain an understanding of key elements of HIPAA compliance and their responsibilities in securing and protecting PHI.

HIPAA One Knowledge Center

HIPAA One’s Learning Management System (LMS) offers concise, role-based HIPAA courses to train your workforce on relevant security and privacy information. The platform offers course completion certificates for easy learner tracking, analytics, and reporting. With options to customize courses, you can maintain control. Proper education can save your organization the financial burden of experiencing a breach due to ineffective training.

Features of our Platform:

  • Content library with role-specific courses for all employees
  • Interactive learning environment with courses between 30-60 minutes
  • Reporting and analytics to monitor learner progress and course completion
  • Course customizations and custom branding
  • Quizzes and interactive content designed for a proven learning experience

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