Healthcare Security Remediation Services


Intraprise Health’s Remediation Services were designed for organizations seeking assistance with closing known gaps and open risks. Our seasoned security experts can help you prioritize, plan, manage and execute your remediation initiatives.

Performing a risk assessment is the just the first part of addressing your organization’s known risks or becoming compliant with a rigorous cybersecurity framework such as HITRUST or NIST. Understanding the risks and gaps within your security program is critically important. Risks and gaps that are not remediated can be a red flag during an audit from an external consultant or government entity such as OCR.

Remediating gaps can be a struggle – due to lack of resources, lack of expertise or some combination of the two.

Intraprise Health can help.

Our Remediation Services include the following:

  • Remediation Program Management
  • Policy, Procedure and Documentation
  • Security Advisory and Planning Services
  • HITRUST Optimization Program
  • Post Certification Services

Remediation Program Management

To help you get started, our senior security consultants will collaborate with you to review your remediation goals and objectives, gain an understanding of your resource requirements and workload capabilities, then develop an effective plan with measurable milestones and check points.

Whether your goal is to mature your security program or achieve compliance with leading frameworks such as HITRUST, NIST, ISO, PCI, SOC-2, COBIT, FISMA or CMSR, the senior consultant working with you will bring deep expertise in building robust information and cybersecurity programs, as well as, project management to your initiative.

Working closely with your team, we will develop a well-honed, actionable and achievable plan tailored to your organization’s business goals and objectives.

Policy, Procedure and Documentation

Updating your existing policies and processes or starting from scratch, Intraprise Health’s Remediation Services team will help you achieve your goals. Addressing findings from an assessment or striving to achieve compliance with the documentation requirements for an adopted framework (e.g. HITRUST, NIST, CMSR, PCI, etc.), our team will:

  • Review your organization’s policies, procedures and program documentation in response to risks or gaps found in any relevant assessment or analysis.
  • Advise your documentation team on required updates or create the required documents based on your needs and resources. We do this after understanding your organization’s internal processes and in accordance with required guidelines.
  • Ensure documents are properly prepared and ready for submission to an internal approval body or external certification organization.
  • Our team will be available for review and refinement throughout the approval process until the enhanced documentation is approved and has achieved final authorization.