Systems Analyst III or IV

Intraprise Health  is currently seeking a Systems Analyst – Level III or IV (based on experience). The Systems Analyst is a role intended to coordinate the use of computer technology effectively and efficiently by devising new ways to improve functionality of existing systems, resolve issues with company-provisioned devices, and provide support to internal and external users and guests.

Position Highlights 

The successful candidate will be able to support a remote workforce leveraging Microsoft 365 services. Expectations include:

  • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues with company-provisioned devices and users
  • Supporting Microsoft Azure and Office services
  • Support of external users and guests collaborating using corporate collaboration tools, as needed
  • Maintenance, configuration and implementations on corporate Microsoft Office and Azure environment
  • Monitor and mitigate potential cybersecurity issues
  • Plan for and implement continuous cybersecurity improvement program

Some key technologies currently being utilized include Microsoft 365 Administration Portal, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune, Azure Services, and PowerShell. These tools should be familiar enough to allow a candidate to:

  • Manage M365 Users, Groups, Teams, Mailboxes, and Licenses
  • Triage or configure Email exchange and email flow
  • Grant or Manage access to SharePoint, monitoring the platform for utilization
  • Configure security settings on corporate owned devices
  • Manage and monitor Azure services and hosted VMs
  • Scale delivery of services with scripting or automation

Ideal candidate would have familiarity with:

  • Microsoft development practices and tools
  • High level networking concepts (DNS, VPN, Azure SSO)
  • Salesforce and Wrike

Please email resumé and cover letter to