Greg Brock

Greg Brock, Chief Technology Officer of Intraprise Health, has over 31 years of experience in the design, development, and delivery of advanced software solutions for space, government defense, and healthcare service industries.

Joining Intraprise Solutions in 1999, Greg led the development team supporting Intraprise’s healthcare solutions-based services business. The team was responsible for the development of the first fully digital Medical Record Release of Information system, the first cloud-based Medical Coding application, and their own product, the innovative MobileMD HIE and Direct Trust certified HISP. The MobileMD business was spun out and sold to Siemens Healthcare in 2011. Greg rejoined the Intraprise team in 2017.

Prior to joining Intraprise Solutions in 1999, Greg worked for Northrup Grumman’s Xetron division, developing secure communication systems for government defense and intelligence organizations. Greg is a proud graduate of Florida Institute of Technology, where he earned his B.S. in Computer Engineering.