Recorded Webinars


Focused Security Risk Assessments – Remote Work in the age of COVID-19

Focusing and Improving Your Security Risk Assessment 

A basic yet critical practice for healthcare organizations is to perform a security risk assessment, at least annually, and whenever there is significant change in the environment – such as large scale remote work.

 Understand the security implications of remote work at this current unprecedented scale – and how best to prepare and respond to them. Remote Access SRAs evaluate your organization’s current remote access environment and the security risks that may be present. 

During this webinar, Intraprise Health security experts discuss:

  • What is the value to your organization of an SRA?
  • How an SRA is a critical component of crisis management preparedness
  • How to prepare for and execute your SRA
  • How frameworks can be used to enhance the SRA process
  • How to introduce quantitative analysis into your SRA
  • How the prioritized recommendations from your SRA can guide your risk program
  • How to determine your remediation approach


Maintaining vigilance for your healthcare organization includes staying focused on the fundamentals and maintaining solid security practices.