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Understanding HITRUST Scoping: Tips from an Experienced HITRUST Assessor

Scoping may well be the most critical phase of your HITRUST Certification process. During this phase you must identify the number of control requirements your organization needs to comply with in order to become HITRUST certified.

The larger your Scope, the more complex your Assessment.

Understanding the Scoping process helps organizations truly focus on what systems need to be scoped – saving the organization time and money while more efficiently managing their resources.

This webinar focuses on the intricacies of proper Scoping including:

  • What does HITRUST certify?
  • What is an Assessment Object?
  • Why are your business drivers so important to Scoping?
  • What factors define the Scope for your organization?
  • How do data sensitivity, type and volume of records affect Scope?
  •  The ins and outs of leveraging your cloud hosting provider’s HITRUST certification under the “Inheritance” benefit
  • Why do most organizations over-scope?
  • What are the “trap doors” of improper scoping?