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Framework Soup – Understand the difference between Risk Management Frameworks, Control Frameworks and Reporting Frameworks

In this webinar, HITRUST’s Mike Parisi and Intraprise Health’s Ryan Patrick discuss security frameworks and how to determine which one is right for your organization. Listeners of this webinar will:
• Learn about the benefits and shortcomings of each of these frameworks
• Hear examples of use cases of when and how to use each type of framework
• Understand the differing levels of assurance that are associated with each framework

About the speakers:
Michael Parisi is the vice president of business development & adoption at HITRUST. He’s a seasoned information security and privacy industry professional. He has served as a lead healthcare industry expert, a national healthcare third-party assurance specialist, and the national HITRUST services lead for PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Ryan Patrick is Intraprise Health’s Senior Vice President of Security Products and Strategy. The head of Intraprise Health’s HITRUST practice, Ryan has more than 20 years of cybersecurity experience.

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