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Secure Your Organization with a Microsoft 365 HIPAA Audit

Organizations in every industry are upgrading to Microsoft 365 (M365) to improve their security posture. In addition to being responsible for HIPAA security and compliance, IT or compliance individuals may also be tasked with overseeing a company-wide migration to cloud services, namely migrating to M365 and Teams.

Our HIPAA-centered M365 audit establishes organizational compliance with administrative and technical safeguards for the protection of electronic health information. The audit includes an analysis based on HIPAA Security Rule requirements, and implementation planning with in-house IT professionals to remediate compliance gaps.

Our audit will provide administrative teams the necessary information to satisfy HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity due diligence using M365. By capturing responses and supporting documentation, organizations can show due diligent efforts towards meeting US and Global regulatory standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, new consumer privacy laws. Contact us to learn more.

During the course of a audit we will:

  • Access and review the deployment of the M365 environment to capture the status, notes, and documentation for each of our audit requirements
  • Perform an analysis of compliance with the administrative and technical safeguards of the HIPAA security rule
  • Provide a final report with a summary of findings, list of recommendations, and detailed analysis of the organization’s efforts towards becoming compliant
  • Provide support through the expertise of a certified auditor
  • Provide subject matter expertise for senior management decisions, regarding risk
  • Assist with alignment of strategy, business objectives, and information assurance

We provide the structure, detail, and clarity you need to:

  • Evaluate M365 HIPAA compliance
  • Document current state of security controls
  • Identify gaps that pose true business risk
  • Create a practical remediation roadmap
  • Establish a sustainable operating model for information security and privacy

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In this digital age, criminals continue to attack medical community resources. Due to the sensitivity of electronic protected health information (ePHI), healthcare providers have increasingly complex cybersecurity challenges as “bad actors” continue to refine their attacks. Per HIPAA regulations, implementing a HIPAA compliance and cyber defense strategy is mandatory for all healthcare organizations and their Business Associates. Moving information to Microsoft’s protected Cloud services helps healthcare companies stay protected against new malicious code (i.e., malware) strains, unwanted phishing emails and ePHI data breaches.

In recent years, Microsoft has made tremendous information security improvements in what used to be called the Office 365 platform, now fully rebranded as Microsoft 365 or simply M365. By implementing recommended security controls into the M365 environment, healthcare organizations may significantly reduce the likelihood of breaches while working towards meeting US and Global regulatory standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, new and evolving consumer privacy laws and HITRUST Certification requirements.

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