vCoffee Chat | Serge Loncar – Ep 2: Part 1 – Navigating Security, Privacy & Compliance to Innovate

Healthcare, specifically the health system, health plan and life sciences sectors are market segments that pose significant regulatory and risk management challenges for companies trying to innovate in this space. In this discussion, serial entrepreneur Serge Loncar shares real-world insights about tough lessons learned about investing early on in security, privacy and compliance so his company CareSpeak could innovate and scale. As CEO of a company striving for hyper scale, he understood that building a strong security, privacy and compliance program, based on a best-in-class cybersecurity framework, was going to be necessary in order to foster trust by risk averse customers for his company’s innovative solution. As he says, adopting a leading cybersecurity framework and getting his product certified gave his company the credibility to quickly navigate compliance and risk management hurdles adding velocity to the business. Serge shares that in large part it was this “intuitive” investment that led to CareSpeak differentiating over other competitors and realizing a highly successful exit. (Concepts: security and compliance as “table-steaks”, real-world lessons on navigating industry-specific regulations, inspiring an innovation mind-set in your customers)