HIPAA One® Summer Release 2020

Intraprise Health is excited to announce the new features and updates for our HIPAA One® Summer Release 2020. The updates added to the HIPAA One® platform are designed to enhance the user experience through easier navigation, simplified workflows, and customized reporting. As an industry-leader for HIPAA compliance, our goal is to continually provide affordable solutions that simplify and automate the compliance process. The following enhancements for the Summer ‘20 Release include:

Multiple Delegates

The HIPAA One® software now allows organizations the ability to assign multiple delegates to answer survey questions. This change is intended to improve collaboration, communication, and efficiency as team members work through the assessment interviews together. The option to flag questions was also added, highlighting the need for additional follow-up where necessary.

Technical Security Baseline

New, optional questions have been added to the SRA to help organizations looking to dive deeper into maintaining and strengthening their current security standards. Answering “Yes” to the final questions of the IT Network and Server interviews of the tool will open a new series of questions designed to assess if the organization’s network and server are secure from hackers, malware, etc. These questions are also intended to be a valuable resource to properly configure network security throughout an organization.

Customized Final Report and Launch Icons

Report customization is final here! The ability to select and generate specific reports is a feature… Users may add or remove headings with desired content and download a PDF of the report, allowing that report shared accordingly throughout the organization. We have also updated the tool’s launch icons to match the updated branding of HIPAA One®.

42 CFR Part 2 Questions

42 compliance questions have been added to the Privacy Risk Assessment software regarding the CFR Substance Abuse Disorder requirements. This will help entities who treat or counsel those seeking help with substance addiction to ensure that these patients are not criminally prosecuted after seeking medical attention. We also added a HIPAA Compliance “Scorecard” grading of the SRA and PRA tools upon logging in. This score updates and improves as risks are remediated, allowing users to see their progress at a glance each time they log in to the tool.

Additional Updates
  • NIST SP-800-53 Rev 5 control families mapped to each SRA question and HIPAA citation
  • In-progress assessments listed before completed assessments
  • Combined “Roles” and “Interviews” to be one page
  • Hyperlinked the arrow prompts and updated hover-over tool tips for instructions and navigation assistance
  • Vulnerability scanning question added to provide guidance on acceptable entries for web services, firewalls, database services and IP address formats
  • Time and Date stamp added to uploaded files for multi-year SRAs

We are excited for the positive impact these changes will have on the user experience and workflow for many of our clients. For additional feature-update information or questions about the changes made, schedule a call with our Support Team.