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The TPRM Paradigm Shift: What You Need To Know

Managing third-party (“vendor”) risk in a holistic manner is a top priority for all organizations. Recent reporting highlights how malicious actors are targeting healthcare data and security weaknesses across the entire supply chain including the third parties that host data for their customers on cloud and hosted platforms.

The reality is that most organizations struggle with various elements of a holistic program not to mention more complicated processes like completing an effective third-party security assessment. The key to solving these challenges is to implement processes and tools that allow the organization to identify, monitor and manage security risks across several hundred third-party solutions within a dynamic, constantly changing environment that relies on many departments to work together in a cohesive fashion.

This webinar will help organizations understand the unique risks faced by healthcare organizations including:

  • Ensuring compliance and building a centralized third-party vendor Business Associate Agreement repository
  • Avoiding a “cookie-cutter” approach to assessing your third parties through a collaborative, third party-specific security questionnaire
  • Using Portfolio Manager to rate your risks
  • Leveraging workflow and process automation to scale your TPRM program
  • Accelerating risk assessments of new solutions during a crisis situation

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