vCoffee Chat | Michaela Iorga – Ep 3: Part 1 – What is NIST OSCAL?

In this coffee chat, Michaela Iorga PhD, Senior Technical Lead at NIST and OSCAL Strategic Director, provides an overview of NIST’s Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL). OSCAL is a true innovation which has the promise of transforming the risk assessment process. Michaela discusses why NIST launched the project, provides an overview of its components and how it will revolutionize the security risk assessment process. OSCAL enables normalization, interoperability and trust amongst difference risk assessment sources. It also drives scalability by enabling efficiencies for risk assessors, as well as GRC and IRM platform providers. We also learn about Michaela’s compelling background and how she ascended to her role within NIST. And of course, like all my guests she describes her spirit animal.